A fun update on the record…final mixes are approved and off to mastering we go!

“In Between” will be out very soon. And that is pretty cool to be able to say. I can’t put into words what this project means to me and how incredibly fortunate I am to be surrounded by the people who are on this ride with me.

My goal was simple. I wanted to give these songs their best chance to be heard. I wanted to surround them with talent, and with richness. I wanted to make the best record I could make. And I think we did it.

The record will have my name on it but it is the ultimate collaborative effort. Rusty Speidel is listed as the producer, but the does not tell the story. He is an architect, a designer, a craftsman, and a partner. And for all of those things, I am beyond thankful. James McLaughlin is the engineer, but his heart was all over this project.

Same goes for the musicians. They brought notes, and vibe, and a commitment to getting it done right.

it won’t be long now…