It's Happening!

Big News…My New record is ALMOST DONE!

We just have one more song to record and some tweaking to do on the others, but when it happens, it will be called St. Catherine’s Fair, and include ten original songs in all.

Rusty Speidel is producing, and the experience of working with him has been amazing, I couldn’t ask for anything more than someone who puts all of himself into the project and offers musical instincts that are incredibly in sync with what I am hearing and hoping to hear. I can’t thank him enough.

We are working with James McLaughlin, who is quite simply the best engineer I’ve ever come across. James is an absolute pro in every sense of the word and continues to amaze me with his ears and his heart.

Last but certainly not least, I am so lucky to be surrounded by extraordinary musicians like Michael Clem (bass); Paul Rosner (drums); Chris Holden (keys); Nate Leath (fiddle); Sam Kelly (vocals) and more.

I feel really lucky to be where I am with this and can’t wait to share it with you!